16 Virtual Workshop Ideas for Online Offices in 2023

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

So in the first cell let’s list at least 3 negative experiences. And this is the last exercise in the core section of the strategy framework. And thirdly, let’s determine your core values and philosophies. And finally, let’s define the ideal future state — your final destination or desired end state. ‍Now, let’s write a short description of the current state of your business.

  • Many activities within a workshop are rigorous and require intense thought and reasoning.
  • This example shows us that co-creation is never out of reach, even for the world’s largest companies.
  • This allows them to fuel the Group’s long-term strategy, get visibility and find inspiration from other ideas within the Group, interact and collaborate with fellow colleagues worldwide.
  • Authors are vetted experts in their fields and write on topics in which they have demonstrated experience.
  • Start with this exercise to break down your offering into its individual features, separating out standard features from highlight features.
  • To get the most value out of this exercise, you need to avoid placing your brand directly in the middle of the spectrum – equally fun and serious.

Working from home can contribute to burnout and low morale. But in a time management workshop, you will gain insights into ways to stay motivated while working. After attending a WFH time management workshop, you will have the skills to get the best from your personal and work time. Remote conflict resolution workshops are among the best Zoom workshops where you can learn how to resolve disputes at work. These workshops usually reveal techniques for recognizing subtle signs of conflicts at an early stage. You can also learn the best practices for solving these conflicts.

Distilling into Values

So, don’t just put out the call for customers and fans to contribute their ideas and suggestions – create a clear and compelling reward for doing so. As the examples of General Mills and DeWalt show, asking customers the simple question of “what would you like to see more of? This illustrates the value of customer co-creation at the local level. Even for well-known and celebrated products like Coke, a huge proportion of their sales depends on adjusting products to suit specific markets. Collaboration with communities helps them to achieve this.

  • To host a remote lunch and learn, select a topic that aligns with your expectations from the event.
  • Give each team 10 minutes to come up with ways the brand is like or unlike that celebrity.
  • During a workshop, a designer leads the client through the brand strategy process.
  • In other words, brainstorming warm-up exercises help get your mental gears moving before ideation sessions so that you and your team are ready to hit the ground running with original ideas.
  • Your brand identity helps improve every lever in your engine.

Draw a simple XY grid and ask participants to pick 2 extremes. In the fifth exercise we’re going to analyze your competitors to find opportunities. And this is basically the simples way of how positioning work. Whichever brand comes to your mind, this brand was able to take a specific position in your mind.

FAQ: Virtual workshop ideas

Once these values are defined, being able to clearly communicate them with their customers is the next step to success. Try to be fun, engaging and time-aware, it is one of your key responsibilities to keep everyone on task, motivated and on schedule. Another important point, make sure everyone has a voice, it is important everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and be heard. It’s best if a brand strategy is developed in collaboration between designer and client. One way that this can occur is by holding a branding workshop. During a workshop, the designer leads the client through a series of exercises meant to reveal key insights about its offering, customers, and messaging.

What are branding exercises?

A branding exercise is a guided activity aiming to improve brand identity and give the company a clear vision of where and how to move forward.

3 – Develop a Brand Persona– Grab a photo of a person that you feel represents your company. If you’ve ever said “I need more customers” or if your customers arecomplaining about your price— you’ve got a branding problem. That means that they don’t know WHY they should choose you. Branding is the box your customer puts you in when they are thinking about buying what you are selling.

Branding Exercises for Emphasizing Brand Value

In this environment, Coca-Cola sees the answer in its customers. This approach has been a huge success so far, allowing General Mills to make a range of changes to its product line and packaging process. Alongside this approach, the company has 6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises also cultivated a list of scientists and technologists to help with new product development. Innovate in co-construction with target customers (e.g. Millenials but not only) by making sure that each idea is aligned with the innovation strategy.

And most importantly, you will level up as a designer, charge premium fees and run projects effortlessly. Collect all the notes or take pictures — don’t forget to record everything. Let’s look at our mind map and set timer for 3 minutes to brainstorm as many Imperative Taglines as you can. And then from each branch more ideas can branch off, so there is no limit to the number of levels our your map. Here, each branch symbolizes a different thought or idea related to your brand. Brand Tagline — Mind map exercise.And here, we’re going to select keywords from previous exercises, to help us fuel our creativity.

The goal of this phase is to understand the point and to make a first sorting of those that we will keep or not. Your brand’s story should ultimately position your customer as a hero on a mission. Perhaps you’re able to make them more effective at their jobs, so they receive tons of compliments from their boss. Maybe your mortgage products help them purchase their first home and start a family.

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

However, posing a specific challenge can result in even better solutions. A targeted approach also involves less time for the company in filtering through customer submissions. Anheuser-Busch has also adopted diverse approaches to customer co-creation. For example, in Brazil, where the company markets the country’s leading beer brand, Skol, it started a crowdsourced approach to produce television commercials. This example demonstrates how a customer co-creation can help attract fresh media attention for established global brands, even well-known brands like Heineken. Even better, the funds required for such an exercise are likely lower than traditional marketing or advertising costs.

Branding Exercises for Brainstorming Your Organization’s Key Attributes

Remember, a strong core foundation will lead to customer retention too. Your brand core is comprised of three components which need to be addressed first because they’re the most important aspects of your brand. They guide every https://www.wave-accounting.net/ other part of your brand and every action you take. We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

Check out our list of creative hackathon ideas for even more possibilities. Once you have a few ideas in mind, book the perfect hackathon space on Peerspace! This spacious and light-filled Mission loft in San Francisco is one of our favorite options.


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